SIP Security

Secures SIP sessions and protects IP communications infrastructure

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SBC Security

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GENBAND SBC Protects Global Money Transfers

SIP Security

Conventional security devices like firewalls can’t protect real-time IP communications traffic.  GENBAND's SIP Security solution is specifically designed to secure VoIP and IP multimedia sessions and to safeguard the enterprise network against denial of service attacks, theft, and fraud. GENBAND’s unique adaptive security capabilities intelligently analyze traffic flows in real-time, identifying and blocking threats before they impact performance or availability.

Using Session Border Controllers in Unified Communications Security

Using intelligent session border controllers (SBCs) installed at the edge of the enterprise network, the GENBAND solution secures SIP sessions and protects IP communications infrastructure such as application servers, media servers, and media gateways.  GENBAND’s flexible GENBAND SBC portfolio offers a choice in element size and functionality to meet diverse scale and deployment requirements.

SIP Security/UC Security Advantages:

  • Exploit all the benefits of SIP-based communications without sacrificing security–– connect with SIP Trunk service provider, UC cloud provider, and allow remote users to connect to corporate PBX without worrying about VPNs
  • Protect against a wide range of threats–– DoS/DDoS attacks, service theft, fraud
  • Adaptive security provides dynamic blacklisting and multistage rate limiting for ultimate protection
  • Unified SBC product family provides common software and management, and supports multiple deployment options
  • Enterprise-grade performance, reliability and scalability
  • Advanced security monitoring and reporting


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SIP Security

SIP Security
Case Study
GENBAND SBC - Taking Reliability and Security to the Next Level
Case Study
TW Telecom Accelerates Market Adoption of SIP Trunking Services

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