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Branch Office Solutions

Smaller offices often have the same communications requirements as larger enterprise sites. But many organizations struggle to deliver advanced unified communication services to smaller sites with limited IT staff.  GENBAND’s UC solutions were designed for enterprise-wide deployment including remote and branch office locations.  Plug-and-play endpoints, tiered administrative systems, and self-service configuration tools make it easy for remote users to get up and running and reconfigure services without corporate help desk assistance.    

Migrated an Outdated Key Phone System to Enterprise UC

Unlike competitors who simply repurpose small business systems for branch office use, GENBAND fully extends the full suite of enterprise UC capabilities to smaller sites.  Services can be delivered centrally or regionally, from the network or from the cloud. With centralized SIP session management, enterprises can tie together legacy PBXs from multiple vendors across multiple sites, overlay new services and gradually migrate users to a modern GENBAND core.  It’s an ideal solution for a Norstar phone system or similar products that no longer actively sold. And our service provider heritage means that GENBAND knows how to design branch office networks that can survive a connectivity loss.

Small Business/SMB Phone System Advantages:

  • Designed to scale – the same services can be delivered to HQ and thousands of branches
  • Geographically redundant designs with emergency standalone options to ensure survivability
  • Multilevel administration tools offers local control and expedited responses
  • GENBAND authorized Partners with multinational coverage – feet on the street where needed
  • Gradually migrate disparate branch offices––overlay new services and move users incrementally
  • Ideal for migrating branch offices that rely on legacy Nortel solutions


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Branch Office Solutions

Branch Office Solutions
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