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Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Many communications service providers lack resources and can’t afford to wait for a year or longer to acquire, build and launch their own next-generation unified communications solutions. Kandy Business Solutions provide a suite of market-ready traditional, mobile and web-optimized communications clients that can be easily branded and resold in a multi-tier model. In addition, providers can differentiate their solution by adding Kandy applications, Kandy Wrappers, such as Visual Attendant, Live Support and Business Phone. These Wrappers add ARPU and reduce churn. And unlike competing solutions that exclusively support small businesses, Kandy delivers both an easy to use SMB offer and enterprise-ready UC services with a comprehensive feature set and multi-site management capabilities.

Kandy Cloud Unified Communications (formerly Nuvia)

Kandy Business Solutions leverage GENBAND’s Compelling UC Client Architecture

Cloud UC buyers expect a sophisticated client experience. Kandy Cloud UC delivers GENBAND’s next generation unified communications clients, Smart Office. Visit our Unified Communication Clients pages for a detailed overview of why Smart Office clients are designed to be less expensive to deploy and manage than the competition. Our patent pending Omni technology enables Kandy Business Solutions partners to deliver and centrally manage their UCaaS experience without constantly managing client distribution and updates.

Cloud Unified Communications Solution

Kandy Business Solutions enable service providers to focus on time-to-market and customer relationships instead of infrastructure. The solution delivers all of the benefits of a cloud-based service––with minimal upfront capital investments and low ongoing operations costs. Ideal for multinational organizations, Kandy provides a consistent feature set across the globe. Visit our dedicated Kandy.io site to see the entire end user value proposition.

Cloud Unified Communications Testimonial

Marketing Tools to Launch UC as a Service

Delivering unified communications solutions is far more than a technical challenge. Competing with focused over the top UCaaS providers requires a sophisticated web presence and marketing content that speaks to buyers that start their UCaaS purchase on the web. GENBAND has a full suite of go to market materials to launch your service provider cloud. Visit our dedicated www.Kandy.io/biz site to see the investment GENBAND has made in to help you sell cloud UC. Kandy partners can leverage all of this content for their own go to market efforts as well as acquire a robust set of marketing as a service tools.

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UCaaS 2.0: Differentiate and Protect Margins with CPaaS

Kandy Business Solutions Architecture (formerly Nuvia)


Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) Advantages:

  • Comprehensive feature set including HD VoIP, video, multimedia conferencing and collaboration, unified messaging, and screen sharing
  • Wide-ranging client support including smartphones, tablets, WebRTC-compliant browsers, PCs, Macs and SIP-based endpoints
  • Customers can enhance the standard UCaaS offer with Kandy Wrappers
  • Worldwide availability with support for both small and large enterprises
  • Offers PBX migration strategies using mobility overlay and business continuity services
  • Carrier-class availability and scalability, with 7x24 network monitoring and support
  • Multi-tenant design supports tiered sales models

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