Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

Consolidating networking functions onto virtualized, cloud-based offerings

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Media Processing for Real-Time Communications and Network Virtualization

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SBC Virtualization in a NFV Cloud

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NFV, Cloud and SDN - Move Beyond Simple Virtualization

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

Communications service providers expect network functions virtualization (NFV) solutions to drive efficiencies, improve service agility and fundamentally change the way they do business.  By consolidating network functions onto virtualized, cloud-based offerings, service providers can reduce proprietary hardware dependencies, contain CAPEX and OPEX, and increase service velocity. GENBAND’s Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) and VNF management framework solutions aid service providers with these business goals through full support of elasticity, scalability, geo-distribution and orchestration tenets for cloud and virtualized environments.

Virtual Network Functions

GENBAND’s differentiated Virtual Network Functions portfolio includes fully virtualized, high-performance communications signaling, control and media management solutions including Session Border Controller, Advanced Media Software, Applications Server, WebRTC Gateway, Wireless Access Gateways, Intelligent Messaging and C3 Call Session Controller solutions.

VNF Manager

The GENBAND VNF Manager is a generic VNF Management framework managing life cycle management of multiple GENBAND and third party VNFs. It enables seamless interworking with different network orchestrators and virtualization infrastructure managers via open APIs to ensure elastic scalability of VNF’s based on dynamic network load and/or provisioning state. 

Element Management & Analytics

GENBAND’s GENView Manager provides the full element management for the GENBAND VNFs. GENView Analytics which utilizes a fully virtualized, high performance architecture and leverages commercial big data frameworks, collects, displays and analyzes all available network element performance metrics and CDR data produced by GENBAND network functions. With a new powerful, flexible virtualized architecture, and an enhanced interactive ability to visualize and analyze performance metrics, operators can monitor network performance to better understand end to end service quality and quickly troubleshoot and resolve network problems.

NFV Ecosystems

GENBAND is working closely with leading industry NFV vendor and service provider ecosystems including Intel Network Builders, WindRiver Titanium Cloud, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) OpenNFV, Canonical V-PIL and Ciena Blue Orbit to deliver tightly integrated and differentiated end-to-end NFV solutions.

Advantages of GENBAND NFV:

  • Wide-ranging VNF portfolio supporting full elasticity and geo distribution
  • Intelligent VNF management framework and open APIs streamline MANO interworking
  • EMS and Analytics for VNFs ease operations and provide KPIs
  • High performance and elastic media interworking and transcoding solutions
  • Graceful migration path and hybrid deployment support avoids “rip and replace”
  • Flexible licensing plans accommodate elastic services and on-demand applications


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The Path to High-Performance NFV Deployments
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Network Functions Virtualization

Network Functions Virtualization
NFV, Cloud and SDN Moving Beyond Simple Virtualization

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