Intra-Network Interconnect

Unite disparate networks with IP

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Intra-Network Interconnect

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Service Provider Leverages GENBAND for IP Interconnect Expansion

Intra-Network Interconnect

Many service providers are constrained by disjointed networks –– independent “islands” owned and operated by separate business units or inherited through mergers and acquisitions and interconnected with legacy technology. These soiled network architectures are inherently inefficient, expensive and difficult to maintain and extend. GENBAND’s Intra-Network Interconnect solution helps service providers tie together disparate networks with IP to improve operations and drive margin and revenue growth.  

Bridging Technology Gaps with IP Interconnection

The GENBAND interconnect solution mitigates complex multivendor interoperability and multiprotocol interworking challenges, enabling unified networks that contain costs, streamline administration and accelerate time-to-market for differentiated services. The IP interconnection solution normalizes a wide array of signaling, media, and protocol types, allowing seamless interworking between any network – whether VoIP or TDM, fixed or mobile, legacy or next-generation.

Intra-Network IP Interconnect Advantages:

  • Any-to-any interworking of signaling and media protocols across the full spectrum of IP, TDM, and wireline and wireless variants
  • Comprehensive suite of media codecs and extensive transcoding capabilities
  • Flexible scale to support hundreds of thousands to millions of simultaneous sessions
  • Management tools to enhance performance, visibility, and profitability
  • Carrier-grade performance and geo-redundancy
  • Field proven, revenue-generating applications

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Intra-Network Interconnect

Intra-Network Interconnect

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